Hello, my name is Ella and I love spending time with animals! To me, nothing feels better than getting to know a new pet and building trust with them. Growing up, my family and I took care of all the cats that would wander near our house- so much so that they eventually made themselves at home in our garage and we found ourselves fostering generations of a huge kitty family! I’m happy to extend my help and welcome to any animal that comes my way. I’ve had lots of experience taking care of my cats and budgies in my own home, and continually supporting friends by petsitting and dog walking for them while they’re away. I also have experience caring for chickens and ducks as I’ve worked on various organic farms throughout my life. Currently, I am a senior of Fairhaven College at Western and have built my degree in Mental Healthcare Accessibility through Art and am happy to be working with my favorite subjects of psychology and studio arts every day. It’s always important to me that I provide a space for love and belonging to all those around me- animal or human. In my spare time I engage in all sorts of activities from hiking in the woods, to painting, and cooking. I’m also a huge concert goer and enjoy listening to or making music myself when I can. I’m so excited to get to know you and your furry, feathery, scaly companions!