Hello, my name is Maria. I am a recent transfer student at WWU and I am new to the wonderful city of Bellingham, having lived a few hours south of here in Gig Harbor throughout all my life. Bonding with and caring for animals has been a huge passion of mine both at home and in my work as well. I have over 2.5 years of experience working at a busy dog daycare and boarding facility where I got to take care of all different types of dogs including those with special needs, whether they were behavioral needs or medical needs. I am experienced with dogs who may need more special attention to detail in order to help them to be happy and healthy, and I look forward to achieving that and getting to know the dogs around Bellingham! I do miss many of the dogs and clients I worked with in my hometown, having made so many close relationships with more dogs than I could ever count, but I am eager to build new relationships with both animals and their parents as I work with the Hot Dawg Pet Care team. Besides my love for animals, I am also passionate about education. I am studying Psychology at WWU and I feel so grateful to learn from such inspiring professors, I cannot wait to see how I can continue to pass my learning onto the world in a positive way. Some things I like to do in my spare time are to be outdoors doing things like hiking, camping, playing soccer or frisbee, or just relaxing in my hammock. Throughout my life I have always felt like taking my dogs for a walk was another fantastic hobby that was as beneficial for my mind and health as it was for the dogs. I find that giving animals enrichment is enriching for me too, and I thank you for the opportunity to spend time with your beloved family members!