Hi my name is Rachel! I’m a fourth generation Seattleite-turned Bellingham lover! After graduating from UW, I decided I needed to move to a beautiful place where I could connect with animals and nature in a new way without city distractions. I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. I am experienced in caring for cats, dogs and farm animals! In 2018, I worked in Seattle as a WAG dog walker and overnight boarder. Currently, I am a foster mom to kittens through a local non-profit, and have previously fostered a sweet older dog. I live on an animal sanctuary where I do a part time work-stay, taking care of rescued calves, goats and chickens! I absolutely love caring for all animals, and strive to create connections with every animal in my care. I love to make sure that the animals in my care not only are fed and walked, but experience all the love I can provide them. I’ve also found joy in volunteering for the Freedom Project, a Seattle based non-profit providing non-violent communication and mindfulness classes to incarcerated individuals inside prisons. In my free time I love learning how to knit and sew new clothes. I love connecting with old and new friends and family. I also enjoy painting with watercolors; I’m learning new techniques all the time by trial and error! I try to spend much of my time connecting with nature by hiking, exploring and running outside. I am learning how to garden and am excited to be able to eat in a more sustainable way! I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to care for your much loved pets.