About Me


Hi there. I am Tamara Pavesi, the owner of Hot Dawg Pet Care. I am a 35+ year Whatcom County resident and a passionate animal rescuer. I also enjoy creating mixed media art and freelance graphic design.

I have been heavily involved in volunteerism since the age of 10, working with developmentally disabled and seniors. I currently volunteer with several non-profit organizations throughout Washington State.  I have worked with Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Lions Camp Horizon.  I have been fostering and rehoming pets in need for over 7 years, working with nearly a dozen animal welfare organizations from Seattle and Eastern Washington to Canada.

I have been a professional pet sitter on the Southside of Bellingham, WA for over 6 years. I opened Hot Dawg Pet Care in December 2013 to continue my professional pet sitting services.  I have experience caring for cats, dogs, birds, pigs, rats and mice, aquariums, chickens, and horses. I am comfortable and experienced in caring for medical needs pets and am certified in pet CPR and first aid. I have also been through several dog training classes through Tails A Wagging, Cedarwoods Canine School, Building the Bond, Green Paws LLC, Michael the Dog Guy, and Thinking Dog and continue to attend informative seminars.

I have worked with many types of dogs, of all ages including reactive dogs, leash and fence aggression, food and toy guarding, dogs from hoarding situations and with abusive pasts, as well as unsocialized, fearful, aggressive and feral dogs. I have also rehomed several cats, some semi-feral, using humane traps supplied by We Snip to get them fixed, vaccinated, and adopted. I advocate for all animals and offer a plethera of resources regarding cruelty free products, living a compassionate lifestyle, and providing information on pet overpopulation, as well as offering referrals on training, grooming, veterinary services, and additional pet resources.

I am the administrator for the “Rehoming/Adopting Pets in Whatcom County” “Bellinghamster Beagles” and “GO VEGAN! NW WA” Facebook pages and served on the Board of Directors of a local non-profit, all volunteer animal rescue for 3 years.

I love animals and am ecstatic to be able to have my own pet care business, where I can utilize my professionalism, experience and education.

I offer daily or weekly dog walking, as well as pet sitting in your home.AHS photo shoot

Thank you for your support!




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My neighbor told me about the poodle you found. Do you still have the dog? Is it a male, about how big, about how old?
    I am not on face book.
    I am looking for a poodle.


    • Hi Kim. I’m sorry I just saw this. He is male around 30 lbs, could be 25. His 30 day stray hold was up on the 11th and Rescued Hearts Northwest are rehoming him if you would like to fill out an application for “Scooter” through their website, although he may have already been adopted.


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