Do you do pet care out of your home? Or do you come to mine?
Because I am heavily involved with rescue and have several pets of my own, I am unable to bring clients’ pets into my home on a regular basis. In my experience, pets are more comfortable in their own home. They are excited when I arrive to feed them and walk them and spend time with them, and when I go, they can get back to sleeping in their own bed, where they are comfortable and happy. For pet sitting that does not include overnight care, it is our policy to do no less than every day for cats (every other day is acceptable for semi-ferals) and no less than 3 visits per day for dogs, 4 visits minimum for seniors, puppies, small breeds and crated/confined dogs.


Do you offer overnight visits?
We have 2 employees available for overnight pet care in the south and central Bellingham! Overnight care is from 7 pm to 7am and does not include a mid day visit, but one or more can be added on! 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking overnight care or pet sitting over a holiday. Remaining balance due  by first visit.


Do you offer pet taxi service?
I am happy to transport your pet to and from the groomers or vet appointments or boarding facilities, etc. I also offer wedding day services, getting your pooch to the venue for pics as well as provide care at the ceremony and/or reception and back home or to the boarding facility. I have an insured vehicle, set up for safe dog transport, and extra crates of all sizes if needed. I charge for my time so regular rates apply.


Will my dog have one on one attention?
I occasionally walk dogs together if they are well-rounded, social dogs and need to be walked at the same time. Otherwise, I schedule walks back to back to give personal attention to EVERY client. I am experienced with dogs that have social issues and always practice safe and solitary walks using loose leash walking and non-force, positive reinforcement techniques. Unlike other pet care providers, we do not charge per pet in the household. We charge by time, so if you have multiple pets, please request visits to allow quality care for all of them.


My pet has medical issues. Can you work with that?
I have experience with various medical issues in cats and dogs. I am happy to give oral and topical medications as well as deal with special dietary feeding restrictions and injections or dress and clean wounds. While I try to stick as close to their consistent routine as possible, appointment times are estimates and are set in time blocks to allot for emergencies, traffic, and to provide quality pet care to each individual. As always, medical needs pets get priority.


Do you have a Spay/Neuter Policy?
For the health and safety of all pets under our care, all cats, dogs, and bunnies over 6 months of age must be spayed and neutered. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. We have found that unsterilized animals have more health issues and a tendency to run off, as well as natural animal behavior to mate when a female is in heat, which can be dangerous to both the animals and the pet care providers. And finally, as a passionate animal rescuer aware of the catastrophic pet overpopulation issue, it is very important that we do not allow our animals to procreate.


Where is your service area?
We service Sehome Hill, South Hill, Chuckanut up to Klipsun, Edgemoor, Fairhaven, Padden, Barkley, Alabama Hill and Downtown to Eldridge. Pretty much 5 mile service area from the “Field of Dreams”.


Are you Licensed and Insured?
Absolutely!! All employees are insured through Pet Sitters Associates. Hot Dawg Pet Care is also a preferred provider at Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital, Whatcom Humane Society, and Maplewood Animal Hospital. I am Pet CPR and First Aid Certified, as well. I have gone through several criminal background checks for various volunteer positions, so can ensure you that your home and pets are in trustworthy hands and all keys are kept in a safe when not in use and labeled with code.


Do you do off-leash walks, runs, or trail hikes?
My insurance coverage does not permit off leash trail hikes or walks or public dog parks. For your pet’s safety, and mine, and the community, I do not offer off-leash dog walks or trips to the dog park. Sniffspot visits are ideal for off-leash play. Please ask us for more info!! There is an awesome spot in Fairhaven!


Do you send updates when I’m out of town?
Daily updates and pictures are available via the Time To Pet portal, by request. You can adjust your settings to email or text updates. I ask that upon returning home, you verify by calling, texting or emailing me so I know that I can “end service.” I will continue service regardless of my scheduled end date/time, until I hear from you, so a prompt “I’m home!” call or text is required.


How do you bill and how do I pay?
All scheduling/invoicing/communication goes through the Time To Pet portal.
25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for pet sitting upon booking. 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required if the pet sitting includes a holiday or overnight care.
Remaining balance due on or by first visit. Unlike other pet care providers, we do not charge per pet in the household. We charge by time, so if you have multiple pets, please request visits to allow quality care for all of them. For my consistently scheduled dog walks, invoices are due the fifth of the following month.
Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will pay full price. Minimum one week’s notice needed for holidays and overnight sitting.
All payments must be made electronically. WePay thru the portal, Paypal, Venmo, GooglePay, Square and Bank Transfers are all electronic payment options available. We can no longer accept checks or cash.
** Cash tips for your sitter are fine. **

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